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Your Reason Matters


We specialize in creating wrist bands using your color and inserting an official picture* of your choice. On our web the community can choose additional wrist band colors and the opportunity to download a picture of the person for their reason. We will also create, FREE of CHARGE, a page on our web that your supporters can go to, to purchase bands and get information that is specific to your fund raiser. Every time a wrist band is purchased for your cause, we will donate 20% of every sale to your foundation.

We continue to give 20% for every sale from our web site, your web site, events and fund raiser functions throughout the year. In addition, a direct link can be added to your site for fund raiser drives at no cost to you.

Wrist bands can also be purchased at wholesale*.

Please contact us now for details.  Samples are available for qualifying events.

 Please note that For My Reason will not support, or donate, to any type of hate organizations.

Click on your favorite Charity below, and you will be connected to their Fundraiser Page. 20% of the sale will then be donated to your Charity when a wristband is purchased for that organization.